Building an Email List with Hashnode

Hashnode is one of the best tools around to build and maintain email lists


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Email Lists are Valuable Branding and Marketing Tool

The hardest part of being a writer, filmmaker, freelancer, or any type of content creator is making your content known. The world is so busy that gems can go undiscovered in the noise. A crucial part of getting the word out on your content is maintaining an email list. Email lists can be used as marketing tools to notify users and make sure your great content gets discovered.

Hashnode has a fantastic email list feature built-in. It handles collecting emails, maintaining the list, and sending emails all with just one button click.

Enabling Email Collection on Your Posts

  1. Open your Hashnode blog dashboard and navigate to the newsletter section in the left sidebar. image.png
  2. Check the Enable newsletter service for your blog toggle.
  3. Done! Hashnode handles all the details and makes the process easy!

How Reader Experience Being Subscribed to Your Email List

After you have enabled email collection a form will appear on top of your posts. The form will prompt users to input their email if they want to be notified when you post.


Once a reader inputs their email they will receive a verification link in an email. All emails are sent to users from


Hashnode will track metrics and the history of your newsletter. image.png

As well as giving you an interface to manage the newsletter. image.png


In just a few clicks you can help expand your online presence and build a great marketing tool for your future content.

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