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Welcome to iOS Development

I created my first iOS app and you can too

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Sean Coughlin
·Mar 31, 2022·

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Welcome to iOS Development

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Hi, my name is Sean, and welcome to my new series, iOS Development. This series will explain everything iOS dev-related and how to create your first app.

I've been a programmer for six years. I studied computer science in college, and currently, I work as a full-stack software engineer. However, I'm new to creating apps for iOS. I think this gives me a unique perspective on the process, and I would like to share what I've learned along the way.

Just a few months ago, I wouldn't even have recognized Swift code if I saw it. I felt lightyears away from ever producing something shippable, and I didn't know where to begin. Since then, I've learned a lot about Swift, and I've released my first app, Compound Interest Solver.

I'm targeting this series to readers who might be in the same boat I was. If you want to create an app, but don't know where to begin, I hope these tutorials will be helpful and engaging.

In this series, I want to show you three things.

  • How I created my first app
  • Resources to learn Swift
  • Methods of engaging with the Swift development community

Best of luck programming, and stay tuned for more.

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